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V09 flow formed UTV wheel


The V09 Flow Formed UTV wheel combines two manufacturing technologies; traditional casting and flow forming, to create a professional grade wheel in both strength and light weight.

When compared with conventional casting, flow formed wheels have greater precision accuracy, better surface finish quality, material hardening, and optimized grain structure. Flow forming not only creates a superior UTV wheel, but also is more efficient in the manufacturing process.

Weighing in at 16.96 lbs, for the 15x7 and 20.40 lbs for the 17x8, the V09 is one of the lightest aluminum beadlock UTV wheels on the market. Fitments for all modern UTV vehicles including Polaris RZR, Pro R, Can-Am Maverick R, Kawasaki KRX, Honda Talon and many more.

Two FInishes

Brushed Charcoal

The Brushed Charcoal paint finish on the Valor Offroad V09 Flow Formed UTV wheel is unlike any wheel in the industry. Each wheel is meticulously brushed to expose the grain of the aluminum alloy. The wheel is then sent to paint booth to get a super thick coat of charcoal tinted clear coat.

Satin Black

There is nothing tame about the Satin Black finish on the new V09. Aggressive split twelve spoke design matched with gloss black hardware and billet beadlock ring. All V09 UTV wheels and the entire collection of Valor Offroad wheels are backed by a limited lifetime structural warranty.



The V09 rolls out all of our manufacturing skills, including the all new billet, all metal center cap. Want to customize your wheels with a fresh coat of powder? Now you can include your caps to match. This bolt-on 15mm center cap only fits the V09 wheel.


The V09 is not only available in multiple finishes, we also brought in fitments for ALL modern UTV bolt patterns. 4-lug, 5-lug AND 6-lug UTV fitments are all available in the new V09 Flow Formed UTV Wheel.
(4x137, 4x156, 5x4.5, 6x5.5)

One wheel, hundreds of fitments.



The V09 Flow Formed UTV wheel improves both strength and weight compared to traditional cast manufacturing.

Flow Forming is a manufacturing procedure that brings forged-like qualities to cast aluminum wheels. During the flow forming process, hydraulic rollers and tremendous pressure combine to ”Form” the inner rim area, forcing the cast material to conform to the profile of a massive steel tooling. Flow forming utilizes a small amount of cast aluminum to stretch along tooling, creating rear barrel from much less material.

Exclusive Finish


The V09 Brushed Charcoal finish features textured brushed aluminum with dark charcoal tint. Gloss black billet beadlock ring. Gloss black cap with matching Valor Offroad logo

We care about weight

The Entire Valor Collection is Ultra lightweight

Do your own double check and see how our wheel weights stack up against the competition. You'll truly be amazed at how much weight you can save with a set of Valor Offroad wheels without sacrificing safety, speed, strength or styling. Click the button below to see the full collection weights.

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