Who is Valor

Valor is defined as strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter great danger. With valor, one is able to harness boldness and determination with heroic personal courage; bravery.

The Valor Offroad team has been engineering and manufacturing powersports products for over 15 years. We've never skimped on quality or strength, and we never will. When you purchase a set of utv wheels, tires or accessories from Valor Offroad, you know you're getting bomb proof products to last a lifetime of outdoor adventure. All of our wheels are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Our brand is about adhering to authenticity. We know we might not check everyone's box, and that's ok with us. We will tirelessly pursue our version(s) of perfection and adhere to a pillar of our brand ethos, to be honest. Honest in our marketing. Honest in our pricing. Honest in our relationships with both our vendors and all of our customers.

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Decades of experience

Since 2005

We've been hard at work designing, engineering, and manufacturing brand name products for the powersports industry since 2005 (basically forever). After successfully building several top tier brands, we cut ties and decided to start a new revolution from the ground up. No rules, no restrictions, no corporate delays.

We guarantee you'll love working with us. Give us a call today and see why dealers across the nation, and customers from all over the world are joining the Valor Offroad Revolution. ✊

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We believe that each outdoor experience is unique, and our products are specifically designed to enhance the journey. Over-engineered to exceed testing in the Rocky Mountains, all Valor Offroad products are intended to give you a lifetime of performance for a lifetime of memories.

Check out our fitment guide and FAQ pages for additional details on our vast product line.



We're looking for positive thinkers with a get it done attitude to join our growing team. The perks are endless. We have several positions currently open, visit careers page for details.

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Wondering what any of our wheels styles look like mounted on your favorite UTV make or model? We have galleries for all the top manufacturers: Can-Am, Polaris, Kawasaki and Honda. Check out our vehicles gallery by clicking the button below.