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OPPORTUNITY. We offer a career path that offers on-the-job training and mentorship so you can continue to grow. FLEXIBILITY. We understand each person has a different life. We will work hard to ensure you have a positive work/life balance. DISCOUNTS. We offer our employees a disounted price on all of our products as well as amazing event opportunities. RESPECT. We promise to always strive to make you feel appreciated for your hard work. We can't wait for you to be on our team.


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We are seeking a dedicated Regional Sales Manager to join our growing company. You will collaborate with other salespeople to increase our customer base. A Regional Sales Manager, or Area Sales Manager, is responsible for developing and implementing sales, marketing, financial and structural strategies across a group of territories. Duties include visiting stores to meet with employees, communicating about sales goals and expectations and gathering research about their target market.


  • Identify prospective customers, lead generation and conversion opportunities.
  • Contact new and existing powersports customers to discuss needs in UTV segment.
  • Emphasize features of products to highlight how they can solve customers problems.
  • Negotiate prices and terms and prepare sales agreements.
  • Collaborate with Sales team.
  • Provide customer service and or sales support for all inbound calls/emails. Provide knowledge on all Valor Offroad products.
  • Maintain contact lists and follow up with customers to continue relationships.
  • Customer service skills to listen to the concerns of a customer and be able to address their needs while maintaining integrity and honesty.
  • Interpersonal skills to work with a wide variety of people each day.
  • Satisfaction helping others, time management skills and strong initiative. Ability to work in a self-directed way, Strong work ethic is a key. 
  • Sales is a fast moving environment. This position requires flexibility, patience and problem solving skills.
  • Outlook, Excel, Word experience is a plus. 
  • Some weekend work with Trade Shows. 3-5 times per year. 
  • Travel to designated states for sales calls to customers.
  • Not limited to: additional sales tasks may be added at any given time.

You will be successful if:

  • You want to win all of the time and you find motivation in temporary setbacks.
  • You don’t believe in settling, you find ways to improve, overachieve and excel.
  • Your ability to learn is off the charts and you are hungry for a challenge.
  • You love a "people” connection; online, on the phone and face to face.
  • Previous selling experience. Bonus points for over one year of sales experience.
  • Integrity. This quality is a must and we require all employees to possess. The business and your customers require a high level of trust and discretion as you will be dealing with highly sensitive information and knowledge.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills, especially persuasion, to clearly convey product benfits.
  • The ability to connect easily with customers, co-workers, and management.
  • A personable nature who genuinely cares and advocates for customers.
  • Lifelong Learner. A successful salesperson wih Valor Offroad understands the importance of a continued industry education. Knowing your product line is crucial to personal and business success.
  • Confidence and strong self-assuredness.
  • Physical endurance.
  • Punctual. Ability to organize, breakdown and articulate thoughts, ideas and instructions.
  • Tire mounting experience is a plus.

On a typical day, a Regional Sales Manager reports to our Tempe Arizona warehouse and starts their day off by responding to email & voicemail. Throughout the day, you will participate in multi-department meetings, address and solve recurring customer issues, maintain daily/monthly sales or new lead quotas, and field inbound customer service calls.

During time at desk, the Regional Sales Manager will spend time calling prospective or existing customers and recording/inputting orders in invoicing system (BC).

Position requires occasional warehouse work as needed, pulling and palletizing customer orders for FedEx or LTL shipments as well as unloading/organizing inbound product containers.

All Regional Sales Managers reports directly to the Sales Manager.


Tire Technician

Your primary function as a Tire Technician will assemble, mount and dismount off-road wheel and tire combos. You will also be required to assist in daily warehouse responsibilities. This fast-paced, physical role will receive and unload inventory trucks, then prepare outbound orders for our dealer network. You’ll pull, transport and stage deliveries to be picked up by various shipping carrier drivers.


The Source

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