What makes Valor Different

What makes Valor Different

We've been doing this for a long time. We don't claim to know everything so we're not scared to jump in head first to learn. Valor Offroad is a small group of incredibly passionate offroad innovators that have vowed to fix the products we hate. Find out what makes us different.
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We've made more mistakes than we'd like to admit along the way, however we have the distinct honor of growing from those same mistakes and being better than we were before. We know who we are, and we're not going to be the perfect fit for everyone, and that's perfectly fine with us.

The one thing we can promise to each and every one of our customers, both wholesale and retail, is that we will treat you with respect. Without each of our individual, unique relationships we're forging each day, we simply could not exist. Thank you for your interest in Valor Offroad, and to our current and repeat customers, THANK YOU. 

So what makes Valor Offroad different from the rest? 

Relationships. Back in 2021 when we starting building the foundation of Valor Offroad, we knew our company needed to look a little different. The market has changed so much over the last decade, both in terms of the vehicles now available, and the aftermarket companies that provide upgrades. As this industry continues to merge into a handful of large companies, we know how important it is to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone who is a product expert and who can address your unique needs. If you need something? Call us. You'll get a customer experience from a dedicated team here to serve you.

Innovation. You're going to get used to seeing some industry firsts with Valor Offroad. Being first to market is a pillar of our design ethos. Have you seen our dual-drill UTV wheel? How about our ridiculously lightweight beadlock UTV wheel? We can't wait to show you what else we've been working on.

Performance. We've dedicated our careers to improving how people off road. We know not everyone is willing to part ways with thousands of dollars, without reaping a bullet list of glowing benefits. All of our products go through a battery of engineering while in development to shave, lighten, strengthen and improve the ride quality of your UTV or ATV. While most name brand companies pump out products like clock work, we will not release a product until it's the perfect balance of form and function. Don't believe us? Compare your favorite Valor Offroad style's specs to the competition - Valor Offroad Specs.

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Feedback. We take feedback serious, both the good and the bad. We're not going to nail it every time so having an open communication channel with our customers allows us to pivot, adjust, upgrade and improve. Do you have thoughts on any of our products? Get over to our contact page and let us know! We also encourage anyone who sees us our riding or at an event to give us your two-cents!  

Industry Experts. The team at Valor Offroad has over two decades of experience exclusively in the powersports industry, watching as ATVs evolved into UTVs. Our products will reflect the attention to detail and precise specifications that modern vehicles require.

Keep Things Simple. I'm not sure when exactly, but somewhere along the timeline in the last decade, things started to get cloudy. Wheel and tire brands started using big words to describe simple concepts, and the basics of off-road we're shrouded in a thick layer of marketing BS. We promise to keep things simple.   

Integrity. We understand the powersports industry, both retail and wholesale. We know that consumers and dealers both want true and transparent pricing, no overinflated MSRP or huge discounts, just top quality products at a market fair price.

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What is a tire bead gap

What is a tire bead gap

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What is a Dual-Drill UTV Wheel?

What is a Dual-Drill UTV Wheel?

A dual drilled wheel is a wheel that is drilled with two sets of bolt holes. With this additional set of holes, dual drill wheels can accept two different bolt patterns. On all dual-drill wheels, the larger hub bore of the two bolt patterns is used to ensure proper fitment.  
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Wheel Backspacing vs. Offset

4+3? 6+1? 25mm? We put to bed the UTV industry debate on what measurement is better, why we use wheel offset and wheel backspacing in the powersports industry, and we do a deep dive into why each measurement matters.

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Polaris RZR Turbo S on Valor V02 Dual Drill UTV Wheels



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