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Dual-Drill UTV Wheels

Simply your wheel fitments with wheel styles featuring multiple bolt patterns with our Dual-Drill Wheel Collection. Be a hero on the trail when your spare wheel/tire fits most popular vehicles on the trail.



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4x137 & 4x156


Have multiple makes or models of UTVs ATV or Side by Sides? Irritated your UTV wheels and tires don't fit them all? Wish you could buy just ONE set of wheels and be able to transfer them from machine to machine as you see fit?

We feel your pain. That's why we created the world's first dual-drill wheel to make your life easier. You no longer need to worry if your spare fits your machine or your buddy's machine, our 4x137 and 4x156 dual drill fits both.

one wheel - two bolt patterns

One Wheel to fit them all

A dual-drilled wheel is a UTV wheel that is drilled with two sets of bolt holes. With this additional set of holes, dual drill wheels can accept two different bolt patterns. On all dual-drill wheels, the larger hub bore of the two bolt patterns is used to ensure proper fitment.

Polaris RZR Turbo S on Valor V02 Dual Drill UTV Wheels

Be the trail hero

Accidents happen

At some point every offroad enthusiast has a tire failure. More than likely it was bad driving, but most blame it on the terrain. When your day comes, make sure you have a spare wheel and tire to CYA. Better yet, pick a dual-drill wheel to cover you and your buddy's butt.

Dual-Drill Wheels

Fit Everything

We're talking more than just RZR and Can-Am here, this thing fits Kawasaki KRX, Honda Talon and dozens more popular vehicles.

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