New Polaris UTV Wheels & Tires

New Polaris UTV Wheels & Tires

The new models of Polaris UTV and ATV are rolling out and we put together a list of the hottest new wheels, tires and accessories for you to take them from stock to stunners. See whats new for Polaris UTV this year!
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We put together the latest and great wheels and tires for the next generation of Polaris UTVs and ATVs. Did you pick up a brand new machine or just looking to upgrade the one you've got? We've got you covered.

New to Valor Offroad? We're one of the fastest up and coming wheel and tire manufacturers in the industry. Check out our About Us page to learn more about our history and what our brand stands for. 

New wheels tires accessories for polaris utv atv

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New Polaris UTV Wheels

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A new year means a new year of incredible new models of UTVs and ATVs by one of the most prolific manufacturers in the game, Polaris Industries. Polaris put themselves on the map back in 1955 with the invention of the very first off-roading vehicle, the early snowmobile. Decades later, Polaris is a titan in the powersports world, pushing the limits of both user and machine. 

The name Polaris comes from the name of the North Star and is meant to reflect the location of the first company headquarters in northern Minnesota.

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