UTV Gear Checklist

UTV Gear Checklist

Heading out for a quick day trip? Maybe your packing for a week-long epic traverse through state borders? No matter the distance, time of year or style or riding you prefer, we put together a list so you can have when you need to be prepared. 
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UTV and ATV riders alike, are always in search of great tools to pack on the trail to help keep everyone safe, make the journey enjoyable, and in a situation be prepared for anything. There are some great bolt on and clamp on products to help store your gear, check out Savage UTV and PRP for some of our preferred options. 

PRP Seats Storage

The below list is what we recommend carrying on you at all times ON YOUR VEHICLE. If you're an ATV driver, you'll need to slim this list down to the bare essentials. We have an additional list at the bottom of the page of essentials we recommend carrying on your trailer for pre and post ride.

Proper riding gear for UTV and ATV


  • Safety-certified helmet
  • Proper riding gear (technical layering apparel)
  • Quality off-road ready gloves
  • Rain or wind jacket
  • Quality shoes in case you need to huff it off the trail for help
  • Sunglasses


ProEagle Jack System for UTV

Rugged Radio UTV Communication

Have Valor Offroad Beadlock Wheels?

  • Make sure you bring 13mm socket for bolt retightening 
  • Don't forget air pressure gauge so you know your pressure at all times


  • TONS of liquids (water and electrolyte drinks), more than you'll need
  • High caloric foods like trail mix, nuts, bars or jerkey
  • Best trail sandwich: PB&J(H)


  • Flashlight (remember to charge or bring extra batteries)
  • A small fire extinguisher (see below)
  • Mobile phone
  • Pocket knife
  • Maps or GPS
  • First aid-kit

UTV On fire fire extinguisher

Trailer Essentials

  • Always carry a spare trailer tire when towing
  • Bring a portable fire pit and firewood if permitted
  • Portable speaker
  • Camp chairs - bring extra
  • Extra tie down straps - Just in case
  • Extra Gas
  • Spare wheel and tire for UTV or ATV

 Winter UTV Gear List


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Polaris RZR Turbo S on Valor V02 Dual Drill UTV Wheels



Valor V06 beadlock RZR PRO R wheel 5 lug

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