V06 Gloss Black
V06 Gloss Black

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V06 Gloss Black

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1 review
SKU: V06-1580P4005GB
Bolt pattern:5x114.3


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Valor Offroad

V06 (5-Lug)

We specifically developed the V06 to deliver at the highest level of performance for the Polaris RZR 5-Lug platform. The V06 is a 15x8 +40mm UTV only wheel with a beefy 1250 lb. load rating.

The V06 wheel is manufactured using only A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment for one super strong wheel. Forged 6061 aluminum beadlock ring. Offroad inspired and reinforced inner lip. Engineered to exceed SAE 2530 safety specifications. Bolt-on shorty cap with embossed black logo.



During the design phase, each Valor Offroad wheel is over-engineered to prevent unnecessary wear on your vehicle. Even though the V06 is a 15x8, it remains an exceptionally lightweight UTV specific wheel.

V06 15x8 = #16.72 lbs

Other Finishes

Satin Black

This version of the new V06 features black on black with a satin black wheel and gloss black billet beadlock ring. Cap is a matching satin black with all gloss black hardware.

Brushed Gunmetal

The brushed gunmetal finish is our brand new finish for 2023 and we've matched it with our gloss black shorty cap (with new black logo) and gloss black billet beadlock ring. Gloss black hardware.

V06 - Product Detail

This V06 beadlock wheel is available in three distinct finishes: Satin Black, Gloss Black, and Brushed Gunmetal.

Standard V06 Beadlock Ring Combinations:
• Satin Black wheel with Gloss Black Ring
• Gloss Black wheel with Brushed Gunmetal Ring
• Brushed Gunmetal wheel with Gloss Black Ring

Installation hardware is gloss black.

We take a lot of pride in designing products and finishes that will last you a lifetime of enjoyment. All Valor Offroad products undergo a barrage of brutal safety and quality assurance tests so that no matter where you ride, or whatever mother nature throws your way, we've got you covered.

Looking for a custom fitment or custom finish? Check out all of our Valor Offroad center caps here.

The V06 is available in 5x114.3 (5x4.5)

Not sure whether this wheel will fit your UTV, SxS or ATV, or unsure what all of this bolt pattern noise is all about? Give us a call and we will make sure you're good to go. After hours? No problem, check out this handy wheel fitment guide that should help address most common fitments.

We have a blog post dedicated to showing you step by step instructions on how to mount your beadlock wheels. Check out the post here: How to install UTV beadlock wheels

Before airing your tires up, we recommend torquing each beadlock bolt to 15 ft lbs in a star pattern. Only use our beadlock hardware kit to install. Always use a quality torque wrench to ensure proper specification.

Each of our Valor Offroad wheel styles is carefully wrapped in just the right amount of protective material to ensure a safe trip from our warehouse to your door. We are hyper selective in our packaging design and shipping to remove any unnecessary or redundant packaging.

Unless noted, your cap will match the finish of the wheel selection. Each cap includes all necessary installation hardware and will come pre-installed. See all Valor Offroad center caps.

All Valor Offroad beadlock wheels include all necessary mounting hardware on the bottom of the box. Please ensure you remove all packaging before descarding boxes.

Need lug nuts (installation kit)? Check out our full assortment of UTV wheel installation kits here or check out our fitment guide to figure out what Installation Kit you need.


Example: V06-1580P4005GB

V06: Style Number
15: Wheel Diameter
80: Wheel Width (8.0")
P40: Positive (+)40mm Offset
05: Bolt Pattern (5x114)
GB: Gloss Black Finish

Size: 15x8
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3 (5x4.5)
Offset: +40mm (6+2)
Wheel Weight (LBS): 16.72
Max Load (LBS): 1250
Finish: Gloss Black
Ring Finish: Gloss Black

Size: 15x8
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3 (5x4.5)
Offset: +40mm (6+2)
Wheel Weight (LBS): 16.72
Max Load (LBS): 1250
Finish: Satin Black
Ring Finish: Gloss Black

Size: 15x8
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3 (5x4.5)
Offset: +40mm (6+2)
Wheel Weight (LBS): 16.72
Max Load (LBS): 1250
Finish: Brushed Gunmetal
Ring Finish: Gloss Black



The V06 beadlock UTV wheel is available in several unique finish options: Satin Black, Gloss Black and Brushed Gunmetal. Gloss hardware.


Manufactured using only A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment for one super strong wheel. Engineered to exceed SAE 2530 safety specifications.


Performance driven styling to match the next platform of offroad excitment. Forged aluminum beadlock ring increases strength and sheds weight.


1250 lbs. load rating to ensure you get back to the trailhead or basecamp when you want to. Backed by a lifetime limited structural warranty.

fourty eight

We drilled 48 beadlock bolt holes in each and every one of our V06 wheel lips so you're always ready for anything. In the event one set of beadlock bolt holes seizes, you have another set of holes you can use as backup. You may never need it, but we've got you covered regardless.

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All Valor Offroad wheels comes stock with our industry first 15mm bolt-on shorty cap. Why run a bulky cap when you can have the shorty. We do offer a taller cap for those of you with special hub clearance needs, click below for our optional cap fitments.

Valor V06 beadlock RZR PRO R wheel 5 lug

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