Alpha UTV Tire
Alpha UTV Tire
Alpha UTV Tire
Alpha UTV Tire
Alpha UTV Tire

Valor Offroad

Alpha UTV Tire

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SKU: VAT-321000R15H1
Durometer Rating:65 (H1)


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Alpha UTV Tire by Valor Offroad UTV Wheels

Valor Offroad


Developed, engineered and manufactured in the United States 🇺🇸, the Alpha is unlike any tire on the market.

This isn't our first rodeo. We've been manufacturing UTV specific tires for over 15 years, so we knew early that the Valor Offroad Alpha UTV Tire had to be something truly special.

Medium Soft Compound

65 Durometer

Striking a balance between durability and performance can be tricky. We went softer than most of our competitors and landed on a medium-soft compound that gives you the bite you want when you need it, and the durability to last thousands of trail miles.

Designed from the ground up

Contact Patch

The Alpha UTV Tire utilizes enormous 20mm tread lugs and tight spacing to improve ride quality, reduce vibration and eliminate tire decibels on high speed hardpack.

Want to tackle some trail obstacles? Combine the Alpha's medium-soft H1 compound, multi-tiered tread pattern and deep shoulder armor for the ultimate upgrade for those difficult sections of trail.



We put the Alpha through a gauntlet of testing in the United States and 1300 miles of punishing terrain to the tip of Baja. The Alpha exceeded all expectations from our test drivers.


Tired of purchasing a new set of tires and quickly realizing your overall diameter doesn't match the sidewall? Us too. Our tires are ALL true to size. Get what you paid for.


From the extra wide siped tread pattern to the performance based medium-soft compound, the Alpha UTV Tire is unlike any tire out there. Get your hands on a set today.

Perfect Match

The Alpha was engineered to work perfectly with any of our Valor Offroad UTV Wheels. The tire bead, lip thickness and wheel width were all considered during development.

Alpha UTV Tire Specs

All Alpha tire sizes were developed to measure true to size.

Overall Diameter
32x10.00R15 - 32.40" @ 15psi
35x10.00R15 - 35.50" @ 15psi

Overall Width
32x10.00R15 - 10.15" @ 15psi
35x10.00R15 - 10.80" @15 psi

All Alpha tire weights are for the tire ONLY and do not include wheel.

32x10.00R15 - 43.50 lbs
35x10.00R15 - 55.00 lbs

The Alpha UTV Tire has an agreessive 20mm tread depth (0.787")

No. The Valor Alpha UTV Tire is not a DOT certified tire.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tires offered for sale in the United States incorrectly labeled and marketed as being compliant with DOT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are prohibited.

This means that the symbol “DOT” cannot appear on any ATV, UTV, or Not for Highway Service (NHS) tire. Only tires intended for a vehicle certified to the FMVSS are legally permitted to be marked with “DOT” and may be marketed as conforming to the FMVSS.

Language that tires are “approved,” “certified,” or “compliant” with DOT standards are also prohibited per FMVSS standards.

Refer to NHTSA and FMVSS statement below:

According to 49 U.S.C. § 30102, a “motor vehicle” is defined as: (7) ‘‘motor vehicle’’ means a vehicle driven or drawn by mechanical power and manufactured primarily for use on public streets, roads, and highways, but does not include a vehicle operated only on a rail line.  

Based on this definition, there are no FMVSS that apply to UTV or ATV tires, because UTVs and ATVs are not manufactured for use on public roadways. Additionally, 49 C.F.R. § 574, Tire Identification and Recordkeeping states: 

49 C.F.R. § 574.5(e)(1) - The DOT symbol constitutes a certification that the marked tire conforms to an applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. And: 

49 C.F.R. § 574.5(e)(3) – The DOT symbol must not appear on tires to which no Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard is applicable.

All Alpha UTV Tires are 8-ply Radial

The Valor Alpha tire follows the NHS/TRA speed/load index specifications.

Tires that have NHS in the tire size or designated on sidewall are designed for off highway applications ONLY. They must not be used in normal highway service. NHS tires are not intended for the speeds, temperatures, or stresses of highway use.

Example: VAT-321000R15H1

VAT: Valor Alpha Tire
32: Overall Diameter
1000: Tire Width (10.00")
R: Radial
15: Fits any 15" wheel
H1: Compound


Valor V06 beadlock RZR PRO R wheel 5 lug

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