Valor Offroad Innovation

Industry first dual-drill beadlock UTV Wheel


Valor Offroad perfected dual-drill UTV wheel engineering over two years ago. As a leader of innovation in the powersports industry, Valor Offroad is proud to offer the FIRST EVER dual-drill beadlock wheel.

Two FInishes

Satin Dark Tint

We're excited about our exclusive Dark Tint finish on the V08 dual-drill bead lock wheel. Each wheel is cast, machined and then painted in a thick coat of satin black paint. Each wheel then goes back to machining, where the top paint layer of the wheel face is machined off before getting finished in satin dark tint clear coat.

Satin Black

There is nothing tame about the Satin Black finish on the new V08. Aggressive split twelve spoke design matched with gloss black hardware and billet beadlock ring. All V08 wheels and the entire collection of Valor Offroad wheels are backed by a limited lifetime structural warranty.

UTV Dual Drill wheel 4x156 4x137

Industry First

Dual-Drill beadlock UTV Wheel

Two is better than one. Each and every Valor Offroad V08 dual-drill UTV wheel has 4x137 AND 4x156 bolt patterns. Having both bolt patterns opens the door to hundreds of fitments, all within a single wheel style. Buying a new UTV? Easily swap your wheels from one to the other.



The V08 dual-drilled UTV wheel has both 4x156 and 4x137 bolt patterns to fit Polaris AND Can-Am, as well as a handful of other modern vehicles like the Segway Villian, Segway Super Villian, Kawasaki KRX and Honda Talon.

One wheel, hundreds of fitments.

Reinforced rings


The new reinforced beadlock ring was engineered and tested in the harshest of environments to ensure you make it back to basecamp.


we removed any extra material

If you remove the center ring on the V08, you'll see we continued the weight shaving. The dual-drill area is recessed using lightening blocks to ensure all unnecessary weight is cut out.

We care about weight

The Entire Valor Collection is Ultra lightweight

Do your own double check and see how our wheel weights stack up against the competition. You'll truly be amazed at how much weight you can save with a set of Valor Offroad wheels without sacrificing safety, speed, strength or styling. Click the button below to see the full collection weights.

beadlock utv wheels by Valor Offroad in satin black polaris canam

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What is a beadlock?

Dive into the pros and cons of what makes beadlock wheels a popular choice. It all depends on your driving style, your preferred trails and the type of terrain you like to tackle. Click the button below to learn more.

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