Top 10 items you need in your trailer

Top 10 items you need in your trailer

Getting ready for a weekend in the wild with your UTV or ATV and looking for some last minute additions to make the best of your trip? Check out our top 10 things we ALWAYS carry with us in our enclosed trailer.

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It's taken a few oopsie trips for us to narrow down the top 10 items you need in your adventure trailer but we feel pretty confident if you don't already have these items, you'll thank us after your first trip.

Here are our picks for the top 10 items you should ALWAYS carry with you in your trailer. Although this list is selected for the powersports enthusiast in mind, you may find a few of the items are universal to anyone looking to tackle the great outdoors.

Depending on your UTV trailer you may need to keep security in mind. 

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#10 - Extra Tire/Wheel

Always, always carry a spare wheel and tire. BS happens and UTV riders are notorious for messing around and finding out. We recommend always carrying the exact same OD tire size that are on your vehicle; but if you're in a pinch just make sure your spare is no more than 2" smaller/larger than your current setup. You're risking possible additional damage if you go outside of this variance. Carrying a spare for your trailer is also highly recommended. 

#9 - Gas

You only have to go through the unfortunate situation of running out of gas once to learn that carrying extra gas is a ridiculously cheap investment for your trailer to ensure you and anyone in your party has fun all day. Realizing you forgot to fill up your machine once you've already unloaded is a pretty terrible feeling. Invest in a quality setup like a VP Racing can and quick hose.

#8 - Cooler

Come on, you know you want something to drink after a long day on trail. No matter your preference on beverage, it's an amazing way to end a day with friends around a cooler. Don't forget to throw in some water in case you need to flush a wound or wash your hands. 

#7 - Extra Parts

Depending on what kind of riding style you embrace, you may brake more parts than most so invest where you see fit. Some of the most common parts that fail are radius rods, axle, tie rod, zip ties, tire plugs, belt, tow strap(s), fluids, air compressor. Some of the parts you may not have remembered are: extra bolts for your beadlock wheel hardware, and maybe a few extra lug nuts.

#6 - Tools

We recommend bringing a comfortable amount of tools on all rides. Accidents happen and being able to get you or a friend off trail is a good feeling knowing you have the tools to fit a break. There are a bunch of great bolt on, hard sided and soft sided options for tool storage to keep everything in place and secure if you happen to have an exposed trailer setup.

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#5 - First Aid Kit

Having a small med kit in your UTV is always a great idea, but carrying a full first aid kit in your trailer is another invaluable investment, especially when accidents seem to happen when you expect them least. Knowing how to use your first aid kit is ust as important as carrying one. Make sure you take the time to learn how to use each item so that you're prepared for the worst. We recommend adding the following two items to your kit: trauma shears to easily cut clothing and a tourniquet.

#4 - Jack

We carry around a Pro Eagle floor jack in our trailer everywhere we go. We opted for the 1/2 ton so we can change out our truck, trailer AND UTV but depending on your budget a smaller option is better than nothing. 

Top ten things to pack in your adventure trailer

#3 - Extra Whips

Safety Whips are a very simple investment especially when you consider they prevent accidents on trail, especially in the dunes/sand. Regardless of trail or park rules, we always recommend everyone run a daytime safety whip and at least one lighted whip at night to keep you and your party safe.

#2 - Camp Gear

Enjoy your post ride cooler time with the right camp gear. Get yourself a set of comfy camp chairs and a lightweight fire pit, just don't forget the firewood. All of this can easily be stored in or on a trailer. A weird but useful thing we always bring in our trailer camp setup is a 5-gallon bucket like the ones you find at Home Depot or Lowes. These work great as trash bins, storage or a quick way to grab water from a stream.

#1 - Wheel Chocks

Not all parking spots are created equal. Make sure you protect your investment by slapping a couple quality chocks behind your trailer tires before you unload.   


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