VBR10 Ring
VBR10 Ring
VBR10 Ring
VBR10 Ring
VBR10 Ring

Valor Offroad

VBR10 Ring

Sale price$50.00
SKU: VBR10-S1424GB
Finish:Gloss Black
Size:14" Ring


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Purchase includes: one (1) billet beadlock ring. DOES NOT INCLUDE bolts and washers. If you need beadlock hardware (bolts/washers), click here.


The Valor Offroad VBR10 billet beadlock ring will fit ANY 15" Valor Offroad UTV beadlock wheel.


We recommend you have a professional tire mounter assemble your new Valor Offroad beadlock UTV wheels but if you're stubborn and want to do them yourself, we have in-depth instructions to make the project painless. Click to learn more.

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The original Valor Offroad beadlock ring, made from virgin billet aluminum. Gloss black finish.


Need a little extra armor? The VBR20 is double the protection for those of you who like to send it a little harder.


The ultimate trail armor, the VBR30 is all the protection you'll need, no matter what machine or CCs you're pushing.

Close up Beadlock wheel ring

VBR10 Standard Beadlock Ring


The VBR10 standard beadlock ring by Valor Offroad blends high performance technology with lightweight billet aluminum for the ultimate trail protection. Looking to color match your rings or just swap to some fresh rings this season? This replacement ring is the perfect fit.


Billet aluminum is generally considered a stronger material than cast. Billet parts are made from a single block of material that is machined down on a CNC mill. The result is a high precision part that sheds weight while adding strength. Billet metal is a solid length (often in a square or circle profile) of material that has been extruded into shape, either by continuous casting or hot rolling.

Not all Billet material is created equal. Just because a product claims to be made of billet, that doesn't automatically guarantee a stronger or superior product. Our beadlock rings need to be tough, so we developed unique ring designs that enhance your wheels' beauty, but also add that extra strength you need in precisely the spot that takes the most damage, your wheel lip.

Our billet rings are virgin 6062 aluminum with T6 heat treatment for the ultimate balance between strength and performance.

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