Tire Durometer Ratings

Tire Durometer Ratings

Durometer numbers simply represent a relative comparison of hardness between different but similar materials that have had their hardness measured using the same durometer scale, device and measurement standard. In general, a higher durometer material will be harder than a lower durometer material.
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What is a durometer rating?

Durometer or Shore durometer is a standardized way to measure the hardness of materials like rubber (elastomers) and plastics. Durometer measurement scales range from 0 to 100 but there is no such thing as a durometer unit of measurement.

Durometer numbers simply represent a relative comparison of hardness between different but similar materials that have had their hardness measured using the same durometer scale, device and measurement standard. In general, a higher durometer is harder than a lower durometer. 

Shore hardness or durometer is actually a collection of internationally recognized measurement standards based on Shore durometers. Shore durometers themselves are measuring devices that use specific, standardized techniques for measuring hardness. Shore hardness standards provide a consistent, universal, easily reproducible reference that anyone can use to compare material hardness.


Durometer Rating Scale Test Explanation

The above is a simplified graphic representation of a durometer hardness test. The arrows represent the applied load or force the Durometer puts on the material. 

Notice that there are significant differences between the two shapes of the indenter tips. Type A indenters (left) have a 35° cone angle and Type D indenters (right) have a 30° cone angle. Type A indenters have a “truncated” or flat tip that is 0.79 mm in diameter. Type D indenters have a sharper tip with a rounded end that is 0.1 mm in diameter.

For all materials testing, hardness tests measure the depth of indentation in the material created by a given force using a standardized pressure foot or indenter.

When we refer to Durometer ratings on product specs for any Valor Offroad tires, we always use a Type A Durometer.

Material Comparison:

Material Durometer Scale*
Bicycle gel seat 15–30 00
Chewing Gum 20 00
Rubber band 25 A
Door seal 55 A
Automotive/UTV tire 70 A
Soft skateboard wheels 78 A
Hydraulic O-ring 70–90 A
Pneumatic O-ring 65–75 A
Hard skateboard wheels 98 A
Hard hat (HDPE) 75 D
Cast urethane plastic 80 D


*What are Shore A and Shore D? For most rubber materials, Shore durometer numbers are usually provided as either Shore A or Shore D, two different but related Shore durometer scales. Shore A durometers are for softer materials and range widely enough to cover flexible rubbers all the way up to semi-rigid plastics with almost no flexibility. Shore D durometers are for harder materials and compare hard rubbers, semi-rigid plastics and hard plastics. The ASTM D2240 standard actually recognizes twelve different Shore durometer scales for testing rubber hardness. The most common Shore durometer scales used are Shore OO, Shore A and Shore D. Shore OO measures extremely soft rubbers and gels. This is why it is much less common to see OO durometers in relation to flow control components

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