ATV Tires vs UTV Tires

ATV Tires vs UTV Tires

What is the difference between UTV and ATV tires? Are UTV and ATV tires the same? Well, kinda, but we break down the differences anyway. Let's discuss.
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So you're an ATV owner—good on you. You've resisted consistent market change, where everything seems to be catered to and built exclusively for UTV owners. The good news is that there are actually plenty of products still in the market specifically manufactured for you ATV owners. But what exactly is the difference? Is there really such a thing as a UTV-specific product? The quick answer is no, but let's discuss.



No matter your favorite flavor, UTV, SXS, or ATV, there are products proudly made for you by several high-quality brands like Valor OffroadSDR MotorsportsHCR Racing, or SuperATV. Brands tend to latch on to what is most popular or trending in the market to boost website SEO or attract more eyeballs via marketing, so it is no surprise that UTVs get all the hype these days. It's hard not to disagree that a 240-horsepower out-of-the-box machine is pretty fantastic. 

The most significant difference between UTV-specific products, such as ATV tires, is one critical specification: load capacity. The bonus for ATV owners is that most powersports products are over-engineered for UTVs. The downside is that products keep getting heavier to compensate. 


Quick weight comparison:

Polaris Sportsman: 911 lbs (413 kg)
Polaris RZR Pro R Ultimate: 2187 lbs (992 kg)

As you browse tires for your ATV, make sure to look at load rating. All of the tires featured on this site are load rated for UTVs, which means your ATV will NEVER risk overloading the tires, no matter your payload. But...not all tires are created equal. If you pick up a set of tires on Marketplace or through a third party sale, make sure the tires are in good shape before you run them, no matter what kind of good deal you got. 


What to look for if purchasing used ATV tires:

  • Tread: Obvious, but always make sure there is enough tread left on used tires. If the tread wears down completely, you will be traveling on the carcass of the tire, which we promise was never intended to tackle roots, rocks or trail debris. You'll risk immediate tire failure. 
  • Age: Tires unfortunately have a recommended use window. If you pick up a tire from a ATV built in the 1980's, that tire is going to show some serious wear and tear, including: dry rot (cracks and crumbling), inconsistent shape (oblong), or pinhole leaks. As tires age, the natural rubber breaks down, especially if left in the sun's UV rays.


All Valor Offroad UTV products are engineered with the heavier UTV specs in mind, so both UTV and ATV customers are covered. 

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