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Welcome to the family

We've received your dealer application and can't wait to add you to an elite group of powersport dealers who believe in the Valor Offroad brand. Our promise to all of our customers is impeccable customer service. If you ever need something, call us and we'll get it handled, it's that easy.


Now that we have all of your business details, we will get you entered into our ERP system so that you can start ordering. This typically takes roughly 24 hours but more often than not, accounts are created in a few hours from submission.


Once we get everything all setup, we will share a unique password with you for you to access our Dealer Portal webpage. This page has everything you need to be a successful dealer for Valor Offroad: products images, logos, lifestyle images, inventory levels, and full product spec sheet so you and your sales team can be a Valor Offroad expert. This password is ONLY for the dealer portal page which can be accessed at any time from our main navigation above > Dealers > Dealer Portal.


You will use the same email address used on your Dealer Application to access your account. The payment portal will give you access to all current and previous orders, invoices and the ability to pay directly for all outstanding orders. Click the "Payment Portal" title above to get started. Want to add an email to your payment portal account? Just call us (602) 935-0009 and we will take care of it for you.

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