How do I clean my wheels?

How do I clean my wheels?

Follow these easy steps to keep your wheels in tip top shape and extend the life of your finish. Skip the BS and empty promises of expensive products and keep a few simple ingredients on hand for a cheap, perfect clean job every time.

You finally made the splurge and upgraded to a new set of custom UTV wheels and maybe even some new tires to match. Unfortunately to your new wheels, they take the brunt of all the elements and they don't stay clean very long. Now that your new investment is filthy, what is the best way to clean them?

First, you need to treat your wheels with care to make them last a lifetime. Just like anything on your machine, if you fail to keep up with maintenance or routine care, they will not last long and depending on the condition of your wheels, may actually void your warranty! Yikes. It is incredibly important to clean your wheels (and tires) properly and often. Your Valor Offroad wheels have an automotive grade paint finish, which means you should treat them like the paint on your truck. All of our wheels are protected by a thick coat of durable clear coat to ensure your wheels can take a beating, however scratches are bound to happen, accept it.  

The best way to care for your Valor wheels without damaging the finish is to clean them after every ride. Here are our recommendations to keep your wheels looking like new.

First step

Park your machine in the shade and let your vehicle and wheels cool before you decide to clean them. If your wheels or vehicle are too hot, the soap can dry before you get a chance to wash off and leave spots (sometime permanent) or a film on your wheels that ironically enough, attracts more dirt and debris the next time you ride. If it's hot outside, clean your wheels one at a time to ensure you get a chance to rinse before the soap dries. 

mild soap and water solution

You can invest in plenty of great aftermarket products that claim to clean your wheels however we recommend keeping things simple and using a simple mild soap & water solution combined with a soft or microfiber sponge. Never use an abrasive cleaner, steel wool, stiff brushes or polishing compounds as these could remove the protective clear coat or even paint finish. Wipe your wheels dry with a clean microfiber towel. 

Best mild soap to clean wheels and tires

So what exactly is a "mild" soap you ask? Good question. When we reference mild soap, we're talking about simple dish soap you'd use to clean grandma's best plates. Skip the lemony scents and stick to the original recipe for best results. Just like washing your dishes, grab a bucket of warm water and add a squirt or two of mild dish soap. After a good pre-rinse to remove the grit and debris, use a soft sponge or microfiber towel to get into the nooks and crannies of your wheel to clean all exposed areas. Yes, that means the backside of your spokes, and the rear inner barrel. 

Once you give your wheel a good scrub, quickly rinse and repeat as necessary, then move on to the next wheel. Don't forget to give your tires a good scrub while cleaning your wheels. This gives you a chance to check the tread and shoulder for separation, cracks or potential issues that could kill your next ride. When in doubt, get new tires, never assume the best - always anticipate the worst.  

Second step

We recommend using a soft towel to clean your UTV wheels after a good bath. You're inevitably going to have dirt and debris leftover on your wheels so a good wipe down afterwards will ensure that paint finish is bright and shiny.

You can always drip dry after a wash (it happens), but getting that layer of grime off your wheels will ensure your wheels last a lifetime. By keeping up with cleaning not only your wheels, but your entire vehicle, you prolong the life of every component and moving piece. You spent all of that hard earned cash on a nice new UTV or ATV, take care of it!

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